Tanjung Aan

Tanjung Aan,Lombok

Tanjung Aan is amazing Landscape in Lombok island.

I spend few days here to capture a beauty of this Island.

the white sand,the rocks formation its stunning.

Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Exposure 1.6
Aperture f/14.0
Focal Length 16 mm
ISO Speed 100


Segara Anak Mount Rinjani

Segara Anak,Mount Rinjani

Camera : canon 5 D mark ii Lens      : Canon Lens 16 -35 mm

Focal Length16 mm
ISO Speed50
Singh ray 3 stops Rev
Hoya HD Polarizer

For my first trekking trip ever, I coincidently went on one of the hardest treks in all of Southeast Asia…
06 November 2010,Jesse and I arrived in Lombok late at night and left early morning  at 4:00am to meet with our guide and 2 porters in the Senaru village. The trek started slowly up through some banana groves, but after about 1 hour we reached the forest gate, and this is where things got crazy…
From the forest gate to position 1 is 1.3km and very steep. After reaching position 1 and taking a short 10 min break, we continued up to position extra about 1km and it started raining very hard. The trail became a small creek, and very hard to navigate. From this point on, the trail mainly consisted of large stairs made from the roots of the trees.
From position extra to position 2 was another 1.3km, and it got steeper at this stage. It took nearly 2 hours to reach position 2, and my legs started to cramp up quite badly. After reaching position 2, we had lunch with about 20 other trekkers and only 1 other girl…
We then continued another 2 hours to position 3 where the porters setup the camp for the evening. My tent was setup directly in front of Jesse’s tent, and he was snoring loudly (LOL) when I woke up at 3:00am to start the final 2 hours up to the crater rim. This last stretch was the most challenging, and I had tears in my eyes, and ready to give up. My guide was very patient and very encouraging. Without his help, I would have never made it up to the top….
When we reached the rim, it was a little discouraging that we couldn’t even see the lake due to the cloud cover. We decided to hang out for an hour or so, and even though the mountain never appeared, we were still able to make some nice images of the lake and the new smaller volcano that has formed…
Although it was the most challenging thing I have ever done, it was really a great experience… Even though the mountain never emerged from the clouds, this image has a lot of special meaning for me, as it’s by far the hardest I have ever worked for a photo… this year, I hope to go to the summit!

i was in Lombok – Indonesia for  6 days and it was a fantastic experience ….